About Us


FIRED UP is about building the next generation of authentic biblical men.

 FIRED UP Is a weekend conference for 6th through 12th graders designed to teach through seminar, small group study, worship (and lots of fun and food) about what God says about manhood.



FIRED UP believes:

  • Salvation is by grace through faith in Jesus Christ alone
  • God is sovereign and will give provision and guidance as we seek His perfect will
  • The Bible is God’s inspired word without error and is sufficient for providing direction for all areas of life
  • God is deserving of all glory and honor

Our Mission

Our mission is this: FIRED UP preaches the story of the Gospel of Christ to men and unashamedly outlines the narrative of living as a man in obedience to the Gospel.

Manhood. Every boy’s dream.

Every parent’s hope for their son.

FIRED UP is a weekend conference that raises a torch above the path to real and authentic manhood. Using the original design manual for manhood, the Bible, FIRED UP will help young men and boys connect to the true nature and purpose of manhood.

Growing up and becoming a man is quite a journey. The world offers many paths and many definitions of that final grand destination. But the Bible provides clarity of what it means to truly be a man.

Why do we need FIRED UP? Albert Mohler, the president of The Southern Baptist Theological Seminary, commenting on the passing of Stan Lee said: “Whoever controls the stories that shape the hearts and minds of people, controls the culture.” We’re all drawn to stories; we’re drawn in by good movies and adventures of superheroes. But we, as Christians, have a better story to tell than that of a superhero. We have a better narrative than men and boys are hearing from movies, TV, radio, the internet, and podcasts. FIRED UP is interested in telling a truer story, a truer narrative, a story that is better than good and truer than true. In a real sense, we’re sharing the Christian story, the story of the gospel of Jesus Christ. That story can still shape the culture, it will control a culture. Our Mission FIRED UP preaches the story of the Gospel of Christ to men and unashamedly outlines the narrative of living as a man in obedience to the Gospel. Our Vision FIRED UP’s near-term vision is to call out to young men, to tell the true story to reach the hearts and minds of young men. We are crying out for what is right and true and good. Crying out and reminding young men what Scripture says about true discipleship and masculinity. Our Vehicle The primary channel for telling this story has been an annual conference. We proudly provide young men with the framework of true masculine traits. We challenge the young men with the message about the only true foundation for building a Godly masculine life, salvation in Christ alone. We continue to dare them to think about leadership, Godly leadership, as every man is called to lead. We preach about true masculine (dare I say it) love. Yes, love. The Bible’s teaching on how men should love is so daunting, but we dare not shy away from it. We also equip young men with tools to help them think about working, praying, worshiping, studying scripture, sharing their faith and suffering, all within the context of the Gospel narrative. This conference is for middle and high school students primarily in Effingham and surrounding counties in Georgia.