In order to join our staff, you must read and adhere to our Policy and Procedure Manual.  If you are interested in joining our staff, please read this manual carefully.

In addition you must be willing to share your testimony to the staff and men at any time.


One speaker is needed for each talk. Speakers are responsible for writing talks and keeping them in line with the weekend’s theme and with the established FIRED UP beliefs. Each talk should be 20-30 minutes.


Your job is to build relationships and show the love of Christ! Sleep in the cabins with boys, lead the small group discussion times, keep track of the boys in general and sit with the boys during the talks and meals. If you are a counselor, this can be your only job during the conference itself.  We need about 1 counselor for every 8 -10 boys.

Prayer Team

Counsels boys during the conference, after talks, after small groups, etc. Prays over facility and prays over the speakers before and during the talks. Responsible for prayer walks.

Praise and Worship Team

Responsible for all aspects of musical worship: opening session, before each speakers session, worship night, and closing session.

Setup/tear down

Decides on decorating theme for the year. Coordinates the purchasing or borrowing of necessary decorations. Communicates to the staff and other churches items needed for decorating. On the Thursday before the conference, coordinates and supervises the setup and any decorating effort.


Keeping the boys engaged physically during the many game breaks, coordinating games, team building activities, etc.


Plans meals and buys food. Prepares and cleans up after meals. Also responsible for dining room set up before meals and break down after meals.

Registration Forms and Registration Table

Registration team leader is responsible for putting registration information into a spreadsheet and keeping up with the registration forms turned in. Assigns boys to a cabin and to a counselor. During conference check-in, there needs to be two men at the table to check the boys in and about five runners to take the boys to their cabins and introduce them to their counselors.


Volunteers from this team will go to churches to talk about the conference. This team decides how we will advertise and is responsible for contacting the right people to get the advertising done. (radio stations, newspapers, etc.)


This team is responsible for coordinating homemade snacks and/or buying snacks from the store. Communicates to staff and local churches the snack and beverage needs of the conference. Responsible for continually replenishing the snack table during the conference.


Responsible for taking pictures and video during conference. Creates conference slideshow to play during closing session. Responsible for making sure any PowerPoints, videos, skits, etc. that are needed throughout the weekend are set up and ready to go on time. Runs slides during praise and worship and during talks if necessary. Sound technician also needed.

Resource Table

Two to three men are needed to run the resource table throughout the weekend. These men are responsible for managing the money and the merchandise. The table should be open during registration and the closing session as well as during any free time throughout the weekend.


We’ll need to have some medically trained men able to assist with medicines and any first aid needs.